Sunday School Lessons for Dec. 20, 2015

Thank you to our Riverside kids for sharing their special song with the congregation.  You were so great!  This week our PRESCHOOL classes celebrated the birth of Jesus!  We read the Nativity story in The Jesus Storybook Bible’s “He’s Here!” and gave thanks that God came to live with us.

Grade School lessons are listed below with the Story Symbol.  This week’s lessons were in celebration of the birth of Christ.

DWELLImagineYr1Unit3SS1 K-1st Grade:  Mary Learns about Jesus

Luke 1:26-38

Memory Challenge: John 3:16


DWELLWonderYr1Unit3SS12nd – 3rd Grade:  Wise Men Worship Jesus

Matthew 2:1-12

Memory Challenge: Psalm 23:1-3


DWELLMArvelYr1Unit3SS14th – 5th Grade: A Promise Kept

Matthew 1:18-25

Memory Challenge:  Matthew 28:18-20


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